Grant Policy for Capital Campaign Funds

Applications for grants from the five Capital Campaign established funds will be taken beginning in 2017. Applications for grants from Campus Ministry Funds are currently being accepted. General guidelines for grants are described below.

  1. All grant applications must have the approval of the pastor and must include his signature.
  2. Only one grant application will generally be funded per parish/school/organization per year. In the event that more than one application is received, the pastor will be contacted and asked to rank each submitted application in priority order.
  3. Preference should be given to projects or programs that can be completed or substantially completed with the amount of the grant from the Idaho Catholic Foundation. The grant may be used in combination with other available funds necessary to complete the project or program.
  4. Due to limited funds, not all requests will be funded, so organizations applying for grants should be asked to please continue their other fundraising efforts.
  5. The Idaho Catholic Foundation Board of Directors must approve all grants.
  6. Grant requests will only be considered during the time frame established annually by the Board of Directors. Grants will not be considered at any other time.
  7. The funds granted may only be expended for the purposes granted; funds not so spent must be returned to the Foundation unless other arrangements have been approved by the Foundation.
  8. Recipient organizations must submit a written report on how the grant funds were used within six months of receiving a grant.