Foundation Funds

Gifts can be made to the Foundation at any time in any amount.

You may choose to which of the funds your gift goes. If you don't designate a fund, your gift will go to one of the funds as determined by the Foundation's Board of Directors. All gifts made to the Foundation are irrevocable gifts.


Funds of the Idaho Catholic Foundation, Inc.



Endowment Funds of the Capital Campaign

Our Diocesan Capital Campaign, Building On Our Past, Envisioning Our Future, begun by Bishop Michael Driscoll in 2012, has almost met its goal of $15,000,000 and all pledges should be received by the end of December 2017. These funds will help us renew, strengthen, and sustain our ministries in service to each other and to those who are most in need. They will also help sustain our Catholic community of Idaho for future generations.
Although the pledge portion of the Capital Campaign ends soon, the funds created by the Campaign continue on and will continue to need your support. Your donations are always welcomed.
The endowment funds of the Capital Campaign are:
  • On-going Education & Formation of Clergy Endowment
  • Catholic Education & Faith Formation Endowment
  • Charitable Works of the Church - Local Parish Endowment 
  • Charitable Works of the Church - Catholic Charities of Idaho Endowment
  • Father Donald J. Riffle Endowment for the Care of Priests
For more information on the Captial Campaign, please click here and you will be redirected to the Diocese of Boise's website. 

Funds that Further the Work of the Diocese of Boise

The Foundation has over 60 funds that benefite a wide variety of needs throughout the Diocese. These include:

  • Funds to assist priests
  • Funds for the use of the Diocese
  • Funds for charitable works
  • Funds for education
  • Parish funds
  • Funds to benefit parish schools
  • Funds to support youth and campus ministiries
  • Several other restricted funds.


Click here for a list of Foundation funds.


If your gift is $10,000 or more, you may wish to create a named fund; click here for more information or contact us for details.