Grant Awards for 2018

The Board of Directors of the Idaho Catholic Foundation, Inc. (ICF) is very excited to announce that it has distributed over $540,000 for FY 2018-19 from five endowments established as a result of the diocesan capital campaign “Building On Our Past, Envisioning Our Future.” At a recent celebration, ICF Chairperson Alan Winkle announced that grants and distributions were awarded as follows:

Catholic Education and Faith Formation Endowment ($161,878 awarded):

All 16 Catholic schools received a total of $129,678.

Parish Faith Formation received a total of $32,200:

  1. Holy Spirit Catholic Community, Pocatello - $5,000 for textbooks, paint, religious art and statues, and shelving for the religious education room where K-8 can meet and have a place to call their own.
  2. All Saints Catholic Community, Lewiston - $5,000 for a family retreat conference in the fall of 2018 to further equip parents to be the primary educators of their children in the faith.
  3. Diocese Religious Education & Catechetical Leadership Office - $8,000 for parishes for continuing education scholarships for religious education leaders.
  4. Prairie Faith Formation, Cottonwood - $5,200 for classroom management skills training which includes a week-long speaker and workshop leader to train area catechists and Catholic school teachers.
  5. St. Mark's Catholic Community, Boise - $4,000 for training of catechists in new early elementary religious education based on Montessori concepts
  6. St. Peter's & Paul's Catholic Church, Grangeville - $5,000 for a parish mission for total parish education and evangelization.

Charitable Works of the Local Church Endowment ($80,409 awarded):

  1. St. John's Conference, St. Vincent de Paul (Boise) $5,000 for ongoing operations for home visits, vouchers, food, and help with utilities.
  2. St. Mary's Food Pantry (Boise), $5,000 for "My Plate" program provides food boxes with real, quality and valuable nutrients.
  3. St. Francis of Assisi Conference, St. Vincent de Paul (Moscow) $5,000 for crisis rental assistance to prevent evictions and homelessness.
  4. Sacred Heart Conference, St. Vincent de Paul (Boise) $5,000 to provide for the home visit program, providing comfort and financial assistance through payments to utilities and landlords.
  5. St. Vincent de Paul, SW Idaho Council $5,000 to help fund dining hall that provides hot meals to over 12,000 people per year.  
  6. St. Vincent de Paul, SW Idaho Council $5,000 for prescription assistance program that helps those in poverty afford their ongoing prescriptions.
  7. St. Vincent de Paul, SW Idaho Council $5,000 for Risen in Christ Re-entry program that provides hygiene kits to those released from prison.
  8. St. Vincent de Paul, SW Idaho Council $5,000 for food pantry ongoing operations that provides food to over 30,000 people.  
  9. St. Vincent de Paul, SW Idaho Council $10,000 for parking lot renovation required due to safety issues of the uneven pavement, potholes and loose gravel.  
  10. Our Lady of the Rosary Conference, St Vincent’s Paul SW (Boise) $3,500 for ongoing operations.
  11. St Mark's Conference, St Vincent de Paul SW (Boise) $3,500 for ongoing operations
  12. Our Lady of the Valley Conference, St Vincent de Paul SW (Caldwell) $3,500 for ongoing operations.
  13. Our Lady of Guadalupe Conference, St Vincent de Paul SW (Nampa) $3,500 for ongoing operations.
  14. Our Lady of Good Council Conference, St Vincent de Paul SW (Mountain Home) $3,500 for ongoing operations.
  15. Risen Christ Conference, St Vincent de Paul SW (Boise) $3,500 for ongoing operations.
  16. Joseph's Closet (a ministry of St Jerome’s, Jerome) $3,300 for new storage unit for extra clothing donations.
  17. St. John's Food Bank (Boise) $2,109 for new commercial refrigerator. 
  18. St. Mark's Food Bank (Boise) $4,000 for new storage and plastic pallets.

Catholic Charities of Idaho Endowment:  $81,202 awarded for counseling services and educational classes.

Father Donald J. Riffle Endowment for the Care of Priests: $92,104 awarded for the care of our ill and aging clergy.

Ongoing Education and Formation of Clergy Endowment: $124,922 awarded for seminarian vocations and continuing education and formation of clergy.


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